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Sunday Reader – November 3, 2013

Newspapers B&W (5)

By: Jon S

Sundays are a great time to grab a cup of coffee or tea (I’m enjoying Dunkin Donuts blend from my new Kiureg), sit back, and enjoy the weekend paper.   I can remember my dad lying on the living room floor reading the Sunday paper, and that is what I am trying to recreate here.  A weekly place to come and catch up on some of the amazing articles you might have missed during your week.

Please let me know what you think about any of these articles, or may, just say hello.  You can leave a comment  or email me directly.


Seth Godin has a GREAT article of Fear the Fear, Feel the Fear.  Seth is one of my gurus, he is funny, brilliant, and speaks directly to the point!


Michael Hyatt encourages us to have better dinner conversations with a GREAT podcast.  Do yourself a huge favor and soak up everything Michael has to say – you will be better for having done so!


Tripp Lanier, who is pretty amazing himself, has an incredible podcast.  He can be blunt, but he helps remind me that I can still be strong AND not be jerk!  He interviews former Navy Seal Mark Devine and helps us to develop an unbeatable mind.  It’s got some language in it, but it’s awesome.


Fast Company give us 15 tips on how to network better, and some of these tips may surprise you!


Paige Fowler over at Men’s Health, shows how we can feel happier in 20 seconds…I tried it, and it works!

Weekly Wrap-Up

I want to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement as I re-launched this blog.  It’s been a lot of work and I have some really incredible things that we are going to do over the next few weeks and months.

I want to give a very special shout out to my good friend and colleague, Lou Carfizzi from LifeCare Counseling.  He has always been a friend and has encouraged me through this process.  He and I will be sharing some really cool plans over the next few weeks that will be absolutely incredible, so please stay tune.  On a personal note, Lou…  Thanks.

Please feel free to leave a comment or a question and I will get to them as soon as I can.  I want to create a dialog and would love to know what you think about the above articles or maybe you have something really interesting to share.   I would love to hear from you.  You can find me over on Facebook and Twitter as well as email.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you later this week!

The Power of a Clean Slate

A blank sheet of paper has the power to both motivate and exacerbate.  A clean slate can excite and discourage.  With the relaunch of this website, and the new year only 60 days away, we are all looking at a new beginning.

And even though it depends on your perspective, hear me out about why I think there is tremendous power in having a clean slate.

Why is having a clean slate important?

The same magic that allows us to look upon a new year with hope and optimism also casts it’s spell on a blank sheet of paper, computer screen, or even moleskin.  The Bible even reminds us that [God's] mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).

The reason I love blank paper and clean slates so much is that they can be anything we choose for them to be!

The new day can be anything that we WANT it to be.  If we want it to be filled with laughter and fun, we can make it that way.

If we are faced with a blank sheet of paper we can write a love note, a poem, a book, a blog post, or a list of things that we want to change or even a shopping list!  It can literally be ANYTHING!

A clean slate means that we have no limits, no boundaries…no past, only future.  And that future is filled with endless possibilities.  It’s only limited by our own mind.

What does this mean for you?

It means you have a choice in how your future turns out.  Each day we get a brand new set of hours and minutes to fill in whatever pursuit we choose.

A clean slate means you can be anyone, do anything, create anything.  The choice is yours.  It always has been.

When we face a new day or year we also get a reminder of how limitless our choices are.  That blank space reminds us that we can fill it with whatever our minds can conceive.

The choice is up to you!

What will your day be?  Time is valuable and it is running out…we are only on this earth for limited number of days.  How are you using them?  What are you doing with the time you have?  Are you investing it or wasting it?

Are you creating or destroying?  Are you letting others steal your time, your joy, your creativity, your life?

Today, right now, you have a clean slate and it has incredible powers to fulfill your dreams, but you must learn to master your self, your habits, and your choices.  And we will learn, here, together.

If you had a completely clean slate, what would you fill it with?

More Lessons for Business from Walt Disney and Disney U

As the creator and visionary behind the brand, Walt Disney worked hard to ensure that Disneyland’s guests felt ensconced in the “Happiest Place on Earth.”“What would Walt do?”

For decades, that was the magic, pixie-dust question that permeated the Disney empire of animated cartoons, films, toys and theme parks.

As the creator and visionary behind the brand, Walt Disney worked hard to ensure that Disneyland’s guests felt ensconced in the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

But it didn’t happen at the touch of a fairy godmother’s wand.

Behind the fantasy world, Disney laid out a serious training program for ensuring upbeat, friendly, customer-focused employees who could “create happiness” on the job.

That training program, started in early 1955 as Disneyland was hiring for its Anaheim, Calif., opening, eventually became officially known as “Disney University.”

Today, it’s offered to Disney employees worldwide, as well as to outside companies through the Disney Institute in Florida.

But that training also is spread by former Disney executives such as Doug Lipp, a Fair Oaks, Calif.-based business consultant. He travels the globe conducting Disney-style leadership and customer-service training for CEOs and employees of Fortune 500 firms, universities and hospitals.

In his new book, “Disney U,” Lipp details Disney University’s secrets to its success. What’s made Disney’s management style so envied around the world?

“It’s a balance of head and heart. It’s a balance of rides that don’t break down and Snow White never has a bad day,” Lipp said.

In other words, the details of running a theme park — or any business — need to be in place, along with engaged employees whose positive outlook extends to all customer interaction.

While Walt Disney had exacting standards for everything from cleanliness to friendliness, there was an underlying belief that if employees were happy, it would spill over to their customers.

In Lipp’s book, he details many of the initiatives that “Disney U” embraces. Here’s a sample:

• Walk the park: Disney was known for strolling the grounds to talk with employees.

The debate about how to best address customers and employees consumes valuable time, energy and money in many organizations. Yet, merely changing nouns or verbs won't ensure a culture dedicated to world class customer service or create a motivated and engaged workforceOn one occasion, he showed up at the Fantasyland gondola ride, where an 18-year-old ride operator was loading passengers. Disney had a single question: “How would you improve this ride?”

The startled worker answered candidly: The gondola rooftops were too low and guests frequently hit their heads. Based on that chat, the gondola ceiling heights got changed, Lipp said, and the worker got promoted.

Too many corporate CEOs, Lipp said, forget they need to get out of their offices and walk their workplaces, interacting with employees and customers.

• Keep it human: Customers aren’t “attendance numbers” or “per capita units.”

Lipp said he makes the same point, whether he’s talking with McDonald’s franchise owners or doctors’ groups. “We get so focused on processing hamburgers or processing patients, we forget we’re dealing with humans.”

• Every job matters: From the scuba diver who scrubs the underwater submarine rides at night to the custodian who sweeps Main Street at 3 a.m., Disney believed everyone’s job was equally important.

Lipp recounts how executives became aware that workplace resentments were developing among employees in different job categories. “The maintenance crews viewed the ride operators as ‘button pushers’; the ride operators saw maintenance as ‘bolt-tighteners.’ They didn’t understand each others’ jobs.”

I would love to know your thoughts about this, please leave me a comment and let me know what would YOU do??

The Power of Dreaming

Dream girl

via @Doug88888 on Flicke

I recently had a very frank conversation with someone who had lost the power to dream.  It broke my heart to hear how sad and lonely they felt.  The person, through some horrible life circumstance, had lost the ability and desire to dream.  It brought me to tears to hear their story and to listen to someone who no longer had the willingness to look into the future and see hope.  I pray that none of you have to endure the loss of the desire to dream.

But through a few conversations, we were able to rekindle that spark of dreaming.  All hope was not lost and this person soon began to talk about the future, and you could actually hear the excitement begin to build in their voice.  The power of dreaming cannot be denied or measured, nor should it be taken for granted. (Tweet This)