Celebrating Father’s Day When Your Dad Kinda Sucks

Celebrating Father’s Day When Your Dad Kinda Sucks

I love my dad.  I do, but he has a horrible track record for staying in touch with his son.  I tried (for years) to maintain a decent relationship with him, but so much time passed and life moved on for both of us, that it just seemed like second nature for us to not be in contact.  So, I don’t really feel a loss, but Father’s Day always dredges up some pretty raw emotions.

That being said, I am sure that I am not alone in the world with a dad who is persona non grata in their lives.  So what does one do when it’s Fathers Day and they don’t have a dad?

Celebrate the Men Around You

Not to be sexist, I feel the same way on Mother’s Day, we should celebrate the women out there who have nurtured, invested, raised, supported, and let’s face it…they loved us when NO ONE else would.  But the dads, the men in are lives,  are a little different…

The dads I’m talking about are those men who stood up for us when we needed some help.  They let us lean on their wisdom and loaned us credibility when we clearly had none.  The let us crash in their extra bedrooms, gave us advice, admonishment, and even taught us a thing or two about what being a better person meant.

Learn to Be Grateful EVERY Day of the Year

I believe Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and perhaps even Groundhog Day) reminds us into be grateful for the people in our lives.  Because in the end, it’s those people who make us who we are, provide our lifelines and life support, and truly allow us to enjoy or lives.

It’s All About Attitude and Choice

My dad and I have a bad relationship, by choice, but we don’t have bad attitudes towards each other.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but after so many years, we are both happy and when we actually do see each other, we love on each other quite freely.  But when the rubber meets the road, we both know that the time we have together is all there is…  And honestly, that’s all any of us have.

All of us have to choose to love those around us with all we have because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  We must choose to love freely, give generously, and live sincerely.  

Tell dad (of whoever happens to fill that role for you) that you love and appreciate them.  And tell then frequently, not just on Father’s Day.