How many friends do you have? I think it’s a fair question that we should all ask ourselves periodically.  I don’t mean Facebook friends or Twiiter followers… I mean real, flesh-and-blood friends that you interact with on a fairly regular schedule?

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I am constantly reminded that the people I tweet/message/text.etc. are real and that I should actually talk to them more than I connect with them digitally.  But as I integrate more and more technology into my daily routine, I struggle with the fact that I have less and less physical or often emotional contact with the people I care about.

Is this something that you struggle with?

As I grow older, I have begun to realize how important my family and friends are to me.  After the recent accident (I fell 12 feet and landed on concrete) I feel much more passionately about the relationships I have in my life and value them even more.  I guess the fear that I might have died woke me up to some apathy I had towards my friends.

Is this a problem for you?  I would love to know how you balance your “real” relationships versus the “virtual” ones.  What do you do to connect with people on a deeper level?  I would love to know.  It seems cold, in light of this post, but please leave me comment or even email me!

If it’s all about relationships, in today’s mile-a-minute culture how do we have real, vibrant friendships?

I saw this video recently and it made a profound impact on me.  I’d love to know what you think about it.




  • Lace

    From a young age health issues taught me to live life to it’s fullest extent, to
    enjoy each and every day God grants. My husband is my #1 friend and
    our relationship has lasted longer than you’ve been alive!

    I am going to a seminar this week and it may not be something all of my friends would be
    totally interested in, but I asked 5 people if they wanted to go with
    me and afterward stop for a cup of coffee and catch up of what’s been
    going on …maybe opportunity to get together just
    needs to be offered up – it may not be exactly what we had in mind,
    but the reward of visiting later makes it worth the effort & anytime is worth building on your relationships.

    • JCD

      It’s always hard to have to reach out…but the payoff is ALWAYS worth it! Proud of you! Miss you guys…when is the next Disney trip??

  • Sarah Hanisko

    I just found the website thanks to you tube videos on Epcot Food and Wine festival. I too have many friends on Facebook but virtually no friends I spend a lot of time with. I have repeatedly said to my husband we need friends we do things with. I don’t know if its because we’re both introverts or lazy or that the people I consider good friends are all in other states but it does make me sad.

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