Failure is NOT an Option: The 5 Things You Gotta Know to Succeed

“If you can only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet;
How important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. 
– Fred Rogers

No one wants to fail.  We all strive to be successful in everything that we do: starting businesses, relationships, balancing the checkbook.  And it’s this desire to succeed that creates the day-to-day pressure that we all fight with and struggle.

Add to that the emotional struggles with isolation, self-worth, motivation, ego, pride, love.  Each day is a battle and failure is never an option.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  What if I could guarantee your success?

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C.S. Lewis on Failure

C.S. Lewis on Failure

Failure Is Not Defeat Unless You Give Up

Failure gets a bad rap.  We fight very hard each and every day to avoid failure as much a possible and often times, we only succeed in failing.  Which then makes us desperate and we wind up making even worse choices.

It’s a simple fact of life – it’s not IF you are going to fail, it is WHEN. But failure does not always mean that you are finished. Failure can often be a sign that what you are currently doing just isn’t working, and you need to try something else to succeed.  C.S. Lewis said, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”  Failure doesn’t mean we are wrong, but it is a sign that what we are doing isn’t correct at that moment.  Failure gives us a chance to start over and try something new.

Miracles Still Happen

I love it when you least expect it, something rocks your world!  I cam across this video and it had a tremendous effect on me.  Please take a few moments and watch it, then let’s chat for a moment after…

What strikes me so dramatically about this video is that the blind kindness of another person sparked a radical change in this man. Will he relapse and go back to the drugs?  Who knows? But in that moment, a miracle happened.  A prayer was answered and he realized, maybe for the first time, that the choice was HIS and HIS ALONE!

And we have the same choice today – will you be positive or negative?  Will you be uplifting or tear others down?  Will you give a blessing or keep it to yourself.

You never know what the person next to you is going through or how their life is transpiring.  But you have a choice to make a positive or negative impact on it.  The choice is yours.

What does this video inspire you to do?