Pushing Out of Your Comfort Zone

What does it truly mean to push outside your comfort zone? You hear the term used often enough. But, do people who say it give you any insight on how to do it?

It’s not as difficult to do when you focus on what it means. The first step is to know what your comfort zone is or where it lies. Try writing out what you feel is your comfort zone. What activities do you feel fit within this? How about your skills? Get them all down on paper.

Now, figure out what you have always wanted to do but were either too afraid or you simply didn’t have the right skills. You may have been considering starting your own business but didn’t know how to make the jump. You have to figure out what it takes to make that business work. Talk to other business owners who have created successful businesses. Try to find businesses that match the type of business you are thinking about starting.

You also need to take more chances. If you have been reserved all your life, it may be time to rethink that personality trait. If you find this difficult, consider partnering up with someone who is more inclined to take chances. Sometimes, two people with different sets of personalities can work well together towards a common goal.

Seeking out a mentor can also help you break out of your comfort zone. Qualified mentors can guide you to taking the necessary steps towards breaking your barriers. They can help you identify where you are now and what it will take to get you where you want to go.

Some people take classes or seminars to learn about activities that are outside of their normal comfort levels. For instance, you may never have considered skydiving before. Why not take a few lessons and give it a try?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be Daredevil events to be considered outside your comfort zone. At work, you could volunteer for events or committees you would not have previously considered. This can help force you to learn new skills or place you in situations that require you to take actions you are unfamiliar with.

These new challenges will be scary when you first experience them. But, they will help you grow. When you tackle these challenges for the first time, you will find subsequent challenges easier to approach. It can add an excitement to your life that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Let me know if this helped and how I can assist you push out of your comfort zone.