Getting Direction from The Disney Guest Service Philosophy

The compass figures prominently into the Disney philosophy of customer service ("Guestology")

Walt Disney loved compasses. And when he designed Disneyland, they put one in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. You’ll find what’s called the “Compass Rose” in front of the walking area in front of and in back of Sleeping Beauty Castle. And the compass  figures very prominently in the Disney philosophy of customer service. The four points of … Read more

Are We Too Critical?

NYC.andre via Compfight I recently saw a documentary about heckling and criticism that made an incredible impact on me and I really started to think about how critical our society has become.  It also reminded me that I need to be more aware of how I talk to people and express my opinions. When I … Read more

How to be a Communication Superstar

October 6th 2008 - Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Pretty

Stephen Poff via Compfight

You don’t have to have amazing speaking skills to be easily understood.  You just need to practice these simple rules and soon, you will be a communicating like a pro!

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