How To Be A Communication Rock Star – Real Life Podcast [Podcast]

In this week’s Real Life Podcast, hosts John and Lou talk about better ways to get your message across and give you 4 tips to become rock star communicators!

How Many Friends Do You Have?

How many friends do you have? I think it’s a fair question that we should all ask ourselves periodically.  I don’t mean Facebook friends or Twiiter followers… I mean real, flesh-and-blood friends that you interact with on a fairly regular schedule? Kristina Alexanderson via Compfight I am constantly reminded that the people I tweet/message/text.etc. are … Read more

A New Way to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Megan via Compfight With Thanksgiving tomorrow, many people are talking about being thankful for what they have in their lives, and that is great!  I think that we can all stand to be a little be more grateful for how we have been blessed or how we have been rewarded for our hard work.  But … Read more

4 Ways People are a Lot Like Plants

Relationships fascinate me.  I’m that guy who sits for hours at the mall and watches people walk by (not in the creepy-dude sorta way) and I wonder about what their lives are like.  What kind of relationships they have and if they are good, healthy ones or bad, unhealthy ones.  And on one of these days I had an epiphany…

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