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Wisdom from Walt Disney

Walt Disney Wisdom

Getting Direction from The Disney Guest Service Philosophy

Walt Disney loved compasses. And when he designed Disneyland, they put one in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

You’ll find what’s called the “Compass Rose” in front of the walking area in front of and in back of Sleeping Beauty Castle. And the compass  figures very prominently in the Disney philosophy of customer service.

The compass figures prominently into the Disney philosophy of customer service ("Guestology")

The four points of The Disney Compass describes how to treat people in area of study that Disney calls Guestology,

They are:

N – Needs
W – Wants
S – Stereotypes
E – Emotions

Stop and think about how you can be a better leader by using just these 4 guidelines.

So let;s break this down:

When we discuss people’s needs, we’re talking about the basics.  People NEED water to survive..

Wants are needs kicked up a notch.  You need water, but you really WANT to drink expensive bottled water.  Even though water from the tap is just as life sustaining, the bottled water just tastes “better”.

Stereotypes require you to overcome negative impressions a person might have.  Funny thing about some bottled waters, because of a SMALL health scare several years ago, many people refuse a certain type of bottled water.

Finally, emotions are often more powerful than logic when it comes to many decisions. One way to use this is to connect with people’s emotions and feelings.  Ask someone what type of bottled water they drink and then ask them why the don’t drink any other type and more often than not, you are going to get a very emotional response.

We can always look to Disney to find great ways be better leaders, and with the Disney Compass, we can all serve and lead our teams, and ourselves, to magical heights!


With all that in mind, here’s seven more big ideas from seven rather small guys that will enable all of us to serve and lead at the highest level possible.

1. Be Happy…always make eye contact and smile!

2. Be like Sneezy…greet and welcome each and every person. Spread the spirit of Hospitality…it’s contagious!

3. Don’t be Bashful…ask that person questions about them, don’t focus on yourself.

4. Be like Doc…provide immediate service when asked.

5. Don’t be Grumpy…always display appropriate body language at all times.

6. Be like Sleepy…create dreams and help others see the magic around them.

7. Don’t be Dopey…always be grateful and generous!

Keep those seven principles in mind and you’re sure to dwarf the competition.



The Power of Dreaming

Dream girl

via @Doug88888 on Flicke

I recently had a very frank conversation with someone who had lost the power to dream.  It broke my heart to hear how sad and lonely they felt.  The person, through some horrible life circumstance, had lost the ability and desire to dream.  It brought me to tears to hear their story and to listen to someone who no longer had the willingness to look into the future and see hope.  I pray that none of you have to endure the loss of the desire to dream.

But through a few conversations, we were able to rekindle that spark of dreaming.  All hope was not lost and this person soon began to talk about the future, and you could actually hear the excitement begin to build in their voice.  The power of dreaming cannot be denied or measured, nor should it be taken for granted. (Tweet This)