The Benefits Of Early Mornings

The Benefits Of Early Mornings

For most of my life I have had a real dislike of early mornings.  If left of my own, I would wake up around 10 am and go to bed around 2 am!  Call it a remnant of my old musician lifestyle, or call it just being lazy, either way, I had to come grips with the fact most successful people wake up early. (2)

The facts are pretty tough to deny, to be successful, in most businesses, requires you to wake up early.  Studies have shown that this is true.

People who wake up earlier:

  • Are more productive
  • Live happier and healthier lives
  • Are more successful

What if you are a night owl and prefer late nights instead of early mornings?

If you need to stay up late for the type of business you are in, that makes sense.  However, considering that most business happens between the hours of 8 am – 7 pm, you are cutting out several hours of productivity by sleeping in. Not to mention the number of opportunities that you can potentially miss because your clients aren’t available to you at night.

How Can I Shift To Becoming More of A Morning Person?

It’s not as impossible as you might think, but it will require some dedication and a few simple life hacks.

Here are 5 ways you can get the most out of your day by waking up earlier:

1.  Commit to a morning routine.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Decide what you want to accomplish in the morning and create a routine that you can stick to.  Remember, according to many psychologists, it takes 21 days for something to become a habit!

2.  Plan for tomorrow today.

When you jot down the top 2 or 3 tasks that need to be performed at the beginning of your day, you will not be as easily sidetracked by items that “pop up” when you start working.  Make sure that these tasks are done first so that you can move on to the rest of your day.

3.  Prepare for the next morning before you go to sleep.

If working out or running is a part of your morning routine, make sure you have everything you need already packed in your gym bag or laid out before you head to bed.  If you choose to do a daily devotional, set your materials out so they will be available for you when you wake up.  If you take the hassles out of your morning, it will be easier to stay the course.

4.  Get some accountability.

Find someone you can trust to help you through this transition.  This needs to be someone who can call you if you sleep in or confirms  you have your plan for the next day when you leave from work.

5.  Take it slowly.

Change does not happen over night.  My goal is to wake up each day at 5:30 am so I can still have a quiet time on Sundays when I have to leave the house at 6:30 am.  I have been working on waking up earlier each day.  After a few weeks of getting up at 6:30 am, I will set my alarm for 6:00 am, then after a few more weeks, I will set the alarm for 5:30 am!  I know it will take a while, but I am creating a new, positive habit.

Please know that there is no magic pill to becoming a morning person.  Nor does waking up early automatically mean that you are going to be successful.  But this will put you in a better position to be successful.  If will afford  you more time to focus on what matters.  Having a day that involves waking up early even gives you a ‘leg up’ on your competition.

Whatever your reasons are for making the shift, becoming a morning person can be challenging, but the benefits are well worth it.


Are you a MORNING PERSON or a NIGHT OWL? Leave me a comment and let me know which you prefer and why, and any advice you can give to waking up earlier and getting the most our of your day!



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