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I recently had a very frank conversation with someone who had lost the power to dream.  It broke my heart to hear how sad and lonely they felt.  The person, through some horrible life circumstance, had lost the ability and desire to dream.  It brought me to tears to hear their story and to listen to someone who no longer had the willingness to look into the future and see hope.  I pray that none of you have to endure the loss of the desire to dream.

But through a few conversations, we were able to rekindle that spark of dreaming.  All hope was not lost and this person soon began to talk about the future, and you could actually hear the excitement begin to build in their voice.  The power of dreaming cannot be denied or measured, nor should it be taken for granted. (Tweet This)

Being Dreamers Sets Us Apart 

Dreaming is incredibly important, not only to us as individuals, but to our society.  Without the desire or ability to dream, we begin to slide into a state of being that is not who we were meant to be as people.  We were born to be dreamers, creators, innovators, and problem-solvers.  If we didn’t dream about ways to make our lives better, we would never have created fire or the wheel.

Without dreaming, the earth would always be flat and man would never fly.  Dreamers created computers, automobiles, and music.  Humans dream…it’s what we do best.  We were never meant to drudge through our 9 to 5 jobs, punching in and out on the clock, and just existing for the weekends.  Our minds are the single most amazing creation in history…and like our muscles, if you cease to to use our minds, they atrophy.  Dreaming keeps us sharp and allows us to enjoy our lives more!

What do you dream about?

Do you ever just sit and daydream?  Daydream about the future, an idea, or where you would like to be in 5 years?  Who do you want to be as a person?  What do you want your life to be when you turn 40, 50, 60?  Is there a new way to solve that problem your team at work has been unable to fix?  What new idea will revolutionize an industry like the iPhone or iPod?

Do you ever ask yourself questions like “if I did nothing different for the next 10 years, would my life be any different?” Or, “Am I happy with who I am as a person?  Is there anything I would like to change or do differently?”

We all need to dream about the future because it gives us hope and something to strive for.  We would be less human if we lost the ability to dream.

But I’m Not a Dreamer…

I hear you out there…you think that because you aren’t Steve Jobs or Walt Disney you aren’t a dreamer.  My friend, you could not be more mistaken.  Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.  Thinking about a new job or new house can be as good as dreaming about a new innovation, because it’s all about setting your mind free of the limitations we put on them.

Get a clean piece of paper out and ask yourself this question:  What is something that I can do to make a real difference in my life this year?

Now write down your thoughts and ideas…and just like that you are dreaming about the future and what it could hold. If you take action on those ideas, even better!

If you would like some further help putting dreams to paper and making them become a reality, sign up for my weekly newsletter.  We are currently working together on creating and achieving some goals that we dream up!  If you are interested, it’s totally free and you can sign up here!

This may seem like an overly simple exercise, but when was the last time you took 10 minutes and seriously thought about the future and dreamed about what it COULD be?  And what would happen if you acted on those thoughts?  Your live would probably change.  And for us humans, as difficult as change is…it’s often needed.  But for those of us with the courage to fight through the fear of change, success can be amazing and the rewards incredible.


Dreaming is critical to a healthy person.  Without it, we wither and fade away.  It’s the pursuit of our dreams that enables us to fully live our lives.  Don’t let the ability to dream die…it makes us better and happier.  And who knows?  Maybe you will dream up the next great invention that changes the world.

What’s your dream?

I’d love to hear from you about what you dream about and I would be honored if you would share them with me in a comment.  I am also available if you need some help to work through some of those dreams.  You can always email me and I would love to talk with you!




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